One Year Training : Nonviolent Communication from heart to heart

Honest contacts, nurturing relationships … from being right to being happy

Blabla organizes an one year training (four start dates per year) in Westerlo at the Blabla-center, and in Ghent and Hasselt in collaboration with the following organizations:
– the Eekhoutcentrum (
– Catholic University of Hasselt (

These One Year Trainings are taught by Corrylaura herself with two assistants, and possibly guest trainers.

“Violence is a tragic expression of unmet needs.” 63FCC3A9-D20E-4CC0-B619-32C5F9DB4C49

“The more clearly we express what we want, the more likely it is that we get it.”

“Distinguish between “giving from the heart” and “acting out of guilt.”

“Whoever hears a demand often see only two choices: to submit or to rebel.”


More than just a basic education, we want this training to offer the possibility to integrate nonviolence in your personal and/or working life. The program consists of modules as explained below. The modules provide an overview of the topics discussed. We also find it is important to focus on the participants of each group, so on request other or additional themes can be addressed.

Module 1: Focus on myself 

  • insight in the origin of conflict / violence, awareness of one’s own patterns;
  • identifying individual learning needs;
  • the 4-steps model: the framework on which the rest of the year training is built;
  • translating judgments to their true meaning (unmet needs);
  • self-compassion as a step towards real connection, also with the other;
  • widening your options to take responsibility.

Module 2: Focus on ‘you’ and exchange ‘me and you’

  • the healing power of empathy: from listening to respond to listening to understand, listening in 4 ways and introduction to the giraffe and the jackal;
  • from conflict to synergy, win-win;
  • authentic sharing; dance of opposing needsgroepswerk boom

Module 3: Further exploring ‘ me and you’ and practicing basic skills

  • connecting requests as the key to communication;
  • receiving and giving feedback;
  • difficult conversations;
  • honest expression versus feedback
  • practice, practice, practice …

Module 4: Resistance and power

  • from power to power;
  • make choices;dansvloer buiten
  • handle a ‘no’;
  • answering ‘no’;
  • how leading through connecting, authority from a superposition.

Module 5: Handling (your own) anger, shame, guilt and pain/h4>

    • examine your own beliefs;
    • the true nature of anger;
    • the inner and ‘outer’ process of anger;
    • distinguishing responsibilities;
    • the process of self forgiveness (judging concerning yourself);
    • the forgiveness process (judgement / pain in contact with the other).

The one year training in NVC more or less corresponds with a combination of:

      • A basic two-day course,
      • An in-depth three-day trainingIMG_3187
      • An empathy three-day course,
      • The theme workshops on Anger and Forgiveness (or healing) processes.

You can assign to these modules separately at different locations in Flanders and spread in time. But the added value of a year course is the journey together with the same group of people. Between the training days you can choose to meet in small practice groups for which your receive training materials and integration assignments.
Specific dates and locations can be found in our calendar.

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