Blabla provides training for both profit and nonprofit sector

Training/coaching can be applied both to adults, adolescents and children.

Important news for schools: Our student projects may benefit from ‘Dynamo’ subsidy.

Organizations within the Flemish welfare and health sector and childcare may apply for grants to Icoba (

Together with you we elaborate an offer tailored to specific personal needs and those of the organization.


Questions posed by organizations:

  • We want to encourage a more open communication with people daring to give feedback to each other and engage in dialogue.
  • We would like our meetings to be more efficient.
  • How to cope with aggression from clients?
  • How to create better cooperation using the diversity among our employees?
  • How promoting cooperation to our employees along with autonomy?
  • We experience a high burnout rate in our organization. How can we take preventive actions?
  • We want to offer our employees training in the field of self-empowerment and assertiveness.
  • We want to work towards a more constructive atmosphere in the workplace.
  • We want to offer our employees opportunities for further training their skills in communication, conflict-handling, coaching, …


To give you an idea of the possibilities, here are some examples of target groups and themes we have offered already:

  • Improve internal communication at the workplace
  • Dealing with customer complaints (in telecommunication, healthcare and hospitals, retirement homes, health insurance, and all kinds of companies)
  • Dealing with unhappy customers, aggressive behavior at the counter (eg. Bank staff, or staff that pay unemployment benefits and help managing debt)
  • Enhancing empathic skills and empowering people
  • Training social workers and officials, also providing introductory courses to inmates, in many prisons in Flanders:
  • Dealing with ‘difficult’ behavior, how to set limits without acting as a police force (eg. school staff, parents, attendants and educators at nurseries, residential groups, …)
  • ‘Solving’ conflicts, to improve coping with differences in our workplace (in all kinds of organizations)
  • All security managers and stewards of the Belgian football clubs in Class 1
  • Youth Welfare Service
  • Nutricia5
  • St. Annendael psychiatric hospital
  • Bethanië Malle
  • The province of Antwerp
  • Christian Trade Unions
  • Centers for childcare and family support
  • Organizations within Special Youth Care
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Teacher Training
  • Mediv (Mediation Institute Flanders)
  • KU Leuven and Hasselt University
  • Staff responsible for safety in football Class 1
  • Customer services / Complaints services in various companies and organizations

On request we can provide contact information of the organizations we work(ed) with.

Enkele getuigenissen

  • I have 3 children of 6 years, 8 years and almost 10 years. More and more I begin to succeed in approaching ‘stressful situations’ with the children starting from their ‘needs’. This still works only in 20% of situations, but it creates a significant effect!

    Anonymous man
  • Finally I find words to make myself clear ... words to discover and express what I feel and really need ... words that able me to be more conscious as ‘living’ creature ... words that help me take care of myself.

    Anniek Leroux
  • You know, there are so many situations in my life where I think: "This is thanks to the non-violent communication." This is the most beautiful thing happened to me in my communicational life and has made me grow in the relational field.

  • After decades of living in conflict with myself, I now find myself, I look at a different way to myself, which I couldn’t in the many therapies followed. Of course this is good for myself but certainly to my surroundings, family, children

  • I am feeling a lot of gratitude for your way of hearing and receiving what is being said, also what I said - particularly when you are not speaking. This was one of the factors that encouraged me to speak up twice. Normally I don't, especially when I do not know who is there...

  • It works, and it works well. Mediations succeed better, which in turn helps my need for contributing and giving meaning to a less conflicted world.


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