Once you have had a minimum of introduction to the ideas of NVC you are welcome to join the in-depth workshops


These workshops are available in our open programme or tailored to your organization. A selection from our offer:

Armistice… what would it be like to lay down the weapons inside yourself?

  • Do you think of yourself you “should do” all kind of things? Such as taking more time for yourself? Taking more time for your children or partner?
  • Do you expect yourself to be ‘more tougher’?
  • Or do you think you hurt others by your behaviour?

At the root of these considerations lies the conviction that differences oppose as good or bad, and especially that ‘bad’ behaviour of yourself or others needs to be corrected. This makes you complain, compare, paste labels (such as: ‘I think you’re selfish or tough’) … This leads to strife and conflict.

In this workshop you will get in touch with the feelings and needs behind these limiting thoughts and how to take care for them without blaming someone else or yourself. You will also learn to listen comfortably when people expressing their emotions.

We will practice using different methods, including the ‘dance floors’ of Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrie. Depending on the progress during the day the process of self forgiveness is also addressed.


The power of anger… and how to deal with it constructively

dlnrs3Do you freeze, or do you start for a ping-pong? In a later stage maybe squash?
Do you have a wide range of hostile images (enmities) that express what’s wrong with yourself and/or others?
While you are in fact so eager to be heard?
A constructive dialogue?

During this workshop we will explore what anger is and how, if we ‘just’ deal with it, it can help us to stand up strong for ourselves, in a way that the other is able to listen to us and we also hear the other speak.

We will discover how anger, like other emotions, has a very valuable signal function, as it were an alarm light, like the one you have in your car. If you ignore it, in time you may break down. And so it is with our anger.
So how can we constructively deal with anger? What is the substantial information anger is providing us?

The one-day workshop is experiential (by exchanging, exercises in empathy, role play in small groups for those who want this, theoretical framework …). In a safe and respectful way we work with our own examples to transform old familiar ways (of dealing with anger) in a new, more constructive approach.

If we act the way we are used to act, we will keep getting what we are used to get!


Choose your ears…. In other words, how you can listen to messages

Do you sometimes feel quite upset by what others say? 12310457_966680270077387_8076825990001113513_n
Would you like to keep more centered to yourself at such a moment? More in your own strength?
And find words to express yourself honestly, in such a way that the other person you can really hear?

By joining this one-day workshop, you will discover that there are four ways in which we can listen to messages from others.
You also provide yourself the opportunity to determine how you want to influence your own inner world, and from there decide whether or not you will get in contact with the other person.

The day is structured experiential. In a safe and respectful way we work with our own examples and use our own experiences to work through all kinds of exercises.


How to deal with painful feelings in support work?

Disappointment, bitterness, helplessness, fear, frustration, anger … feelings that sometimes get in the way between you and the person you support. Pain can cause you to lose the connection to your (deeper) self and therefore also the connection with the other. And especially while in pain, we have such a great need for connection. From firsthand experience we show you during these four days how pain can be transformed into life-enhancing energy and thus pave the way for deep healing.


How does this training influences you?

Better relationships with your clients and more opportunities for profound change
Ways to contribute to firmly empower your clients.
A powerful way to regulate your own irritation to your clients.
A Better insight into your position in relation to your client.
Protection against burnout, traumatic countertransference and other occupational risks of caregivers.

Target audience

For anyone who is in a supporting or caregiving relationship (educators, social workers, teachers, student leaders, nurses, therapists, team counselors …). It assumes a basic understanding of NVC and Systemic Constellation Work. When in doubt please contact Corrylaura or Jürgen. We enroll a maximum of 14 participants.


In this four-day workshop we practice with:

  • Forgiveness processes and other methodologies based on the ideas of NVC.
  • Systemic constellations around the (interrupted) outreaching movement.
  • Theoretical interpretation including the bonding and systems theory.
  • We mainly work with questions from the experience of the participants.

This formation is a collaboration between Jurgen Peeters (‘De onderstroom’) and Corrylaura Van Bladel.

We expect the participants to be familiar with the process of NVC and have a basic knowledge and/or experience with systemic work. When in doubt, please contact Corrylaura or Jurgen.

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