You can participate in a basic training if you already attended an introductory course in NVC with Corrylaura or another trainer. For this training to be helpful to you, it is important that you are familiar with the basic ideas of NVC. When in doubt, you are advised to contact one of our trainers.

In this basic training we practice, practice, practice …

During this training we put into action the knowledge gained from the 2-day introductory course by practicing, integrating and consolidating new skills. In the various exercises participants will have ample opportunity to practice with their own (professional) situations. We learn to deal with the judgmental ideas popping up in our minds. We also learn to cope differently with judgments posed to us. How to listen better so the other can talk better, how to talk better so that others can listen better? How to achieve a genuine dialogue that creates connection and cooperation.

The Basic training is available in our open programme or tailored to your organization.

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