Moving toward Sharing/Teaching NVC

The passage from ‘practicing NVC’ to ‘sharing/teaching NVC’, can be a scary and challenging one. Inner thougths such as: “Am I good enough?”, “Do I embody NVC enough?”, “Nobody would want to come to my workshops?”… are only few of the painful inner jackals people often need to path through while searching to offer themselves fully to the world.

I am saddened to know of ANYONE who think they are ‘not good enough’ to teach NVC. I deeply believe that ANYONE can teach NVC. If they want to.

I created the program ‘Embodying & Teaching NVC’ to support people on this path. This course is dedicated to deepening NVC into your lives, as well as to gaining skills in how to share and teach NVC while staying human and vulnerable as you are.

Community experience

In my experience, I CANNOT be an only Giraffe in the world. I cannot hold this consciousness alone without the constant support from people around me, people who carry that same passion of living NVC in every corner in their lives.

This ‘year course’ is a creation of a ‘Giraffe community’- to enrich, share, practice, grow and support each other on our path toward embodying NVC in each of our cells.

I am leading this program in The Netherlands and France since 2012.
I am excited now to offer it in Belgium together with my dear Colleague Corrylaura van Bladel and support the growth of the NVC community in Belgium.

With much passion for meeting needs,
Yoram Mosenzon


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