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Datum 22/04/2019 - 28/04/2019
Tijd Hele dag
Prijs €0,00 €500-€1000
Inschrijven via https://www.nvcineducation.org/lee-lab-2019?fbclid=IwAR3flidU8Xl5KRBgG8KHCsQxYQUfR_3pMd_-6Cfs92NNaNGbhl6gjHDPR-c

Het LEELab Europa gaat opnieuw door in 2019, ditmaal in de nabijheid van Berlijn.
Corrylaura Van Bladel zal wederom deel zijn van het internationaal gecertificeerde trainersteam, samen met Marianne Göthlin, Towe Widstrand, Shona Cameron, Gabriele Grunt en Giacomo Poleschi.

Alle details en up-to-date informatie vind je hier.


The Center for Nonviolent Communication presents a new offering in the CNVC training line up to further Marshall B. Rosenberg’s commitment to education: LIFE-ENRICHING EDUCATION LAB IN EUROPE near BERLIN April 22 – April 28, 2019
with certified trainers Towe Widstrand, Corrylaura Van Bladel, Shona Cameron, Gabriele Grunt, Giacomo Poleschi, Marianne Göthlin
This NVC Lab is created for everybody interested in Life-Enriching Education, including school and kindergarten teachers, child care staff, administrators, counsellors, educators in youth programs, parents, NVC trainers, certification candidates, and practitioners who share the intent to explore and apply NVC values in education.
As a participant, you will join a dynamic team of experienced CNVC Certified trainers and educators dedicated to cultivating the field of Life-Enriching Education. We will share best practices, explore ways to implement NVC in learning environments, and through a powerful visioning process, we will help you create or clarify your vision and plan of action for your own life-enriching education project.
Concretely and very practically we will work on how to:
Co-create a safe and supportive learning and working environment including pupils, teachers, parents and administration staff.
Role model partnership and inclusion in cooperation in – cultivate emotional intelligence, respect, and compassion.
Resolve conflicts and prevent or de-escalate violence.
Support pupils to know their potential and are motivated by their eagerness to learn.
Build communication skills which support standing up for own needs while also taking in the perspective of others and the community as a whole.
Our Lab will focus on the key features of life-enriching learning communities described in Marshall Rosenberg´s book Life- Enriching Education.
The Life Enriching Education lab is uniquely designed to offer educators both a structured and open learning environment. We will emphasize the opportunity to share, explore and learn together so that in these 6 days you can make the experience of co-creating a life-enriching learning community and living the values of NVC in an educational setting.
Vision for NVC in Education:
to support youth in developing the understanding and skills necessary to be wise members of a global community
and co-creators of a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

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