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Datum 17/11/2018
Tijd 10:00 - 17:00
Vervolgdata 18/11/2018
Prijs €0,00 excl. 21% BTW
Locatie De Kam


This training offers an introduction to the NVC model developed by Marshall Rosenberg. The central theme of this model is the intention of connection, a basic need for autonomy and our fulfilled (or unfulfilled) needs that constitute our inner motivation for our actions and speech.



In the introductory training you will gain insight in this model and practice the basic skills:

  • Distinguish between our observations and how we evaluate them.
  • Become aware of feelings and needs behind our words, both our own as others, allowing us to clearly formulate what is important to us, and also learn to listen to what is important to the other person.
  • Distinguish our needs from our strategies, to gain more opportunities to fulfill our needs.
  • Formulate our questions as efficiently as possible (clear, honest, equal and practically applicable)

Trainer: Nic Burnand (native English speaking), CNVC certified trainer
Co-trainer: Eva-Maria Maurer

As an employee in social profit, it is possible to pay this training with vormingsbudget van VIVO.


Er kunnen geen reserveringen meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement.

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