Blabla originated from a personal desire of the founder, Corrylaura. She was (and still is) , intrigued by the way people do (or do not) communicate, trying not to hurt each other and often acclomplish the opposite. In her youth, Corrylaura struggled with a low self-esteem and discovered that there are many like her. Educated as a teacher, she bumped into structures and systems based on punishment and reward, debt induction (If something does not work out the way I want, it should be someone else’s fault …).

Our core values:

  • A deep faith in human goodness: everything people do derives from a fundamental/universal need, but we are often clumsy in the way we try to fulfill or express them.
  • Each person has a (conscious or nonconscious) need to contribute to the well-being of other people.
  • Each person has a natural desire to learn and grow.
  • Nonviolent Communication is not the goal, it’s a way, a process … the methods are to help us create more connection with ourselves and with others and thus with the earth we live on.
  • Integrity, authenticity and congruence are at the centre. As co-workers at Blabla, we all have the intention of living out what we pass on (congruence), being ‘real’ instead of ‘nice’ (authenticity and integrity).

What is our focus:

  • Support people in taking leadership about their own lives.
  • Support organizations and teams in connecting leadership and cooperation.
  • Raise to awareness of what contributes to connection in our communication, and what creates more distance.
  • Become skillful in a way of thinking, speaking and acting which contributes to connectivity with ourselves and others.
  • Create environments where people feel safe enough to be themselves and grow in consciousness and skills

What we do in practice:

  • Individual sessions by psychotherapists and coaches
  • Mediation
  • Partner and family counseling (at home)
  • Coaching teams / managers
  • Open training
  • Tailored training for both profit and social profit

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