The Blabla team consists of internationally certified trainers in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and is complemented by a number of therapists / trainers who share our enthusiasm and have also acquired a solid knowledge and skill in the mindset that is the basis of our entire offer. We would like to introduce them to you.

  • Corrylaura Van Bladel Founder of Blabla, international certified trainer in NVC
  • Heidi Stinissen
    Heidi Stinissen Coördinator Blabla, trainer in non-violent communication
  • Annelies Peeters
    Annelies Peeters Therapist for adults and youth
  • Sara Leysen
    Sara Leysen Trainer in non-violent communication
  • Lynn Nijs
    Lynn Nijs Family coach and coach of practice groups
  • Mark Brouwers
    Mark Brouwers Certified trainer in non-violent communication
  • Sabine Vandingenen
    Sabine Vandingenen Trainer in non-violent communication
  • Nic Burnand
    Nic Burnand International certified trainer in non-violent communication
  • Lore Verdin
    Lore Verdin Coaching practice groups
  • Monie Doodeman
    Monie Doodeman International certified trainer in non-violent communication
  • Judith Leysen
    Judith Leysen Training actor

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